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What I Do ... in research
   ERM-design & multichannel data entry
   SAS analysis batch automatization
   RAD: 450 SAS solution sniplets ready-to-roll
   psychometric test norming, risk assessment
   operative multi-media documentation
Statistical methodology in health care sciences, psychological research and diagnostics is becoming more and more demanding today. Calling in professional data analysis services will not only help pursue scientific excellence: it will streamline your processes and put your budget on balance.
There's a thin red line between state-of-the-art and l'art-pour-l'art technology. I'm not into fancy dressing-up models, I'm providing efficient solutions. It's about being smart, not sophistic. Consider this delightful quote from Clark (1963): "Instead of concentrating upon probing the nature of the data and upon questions that concern scientists, statistical practioners have been prone to commit errors of the third kind that is, giving exact answers to the wrong questions -- which is perhaps the most serious of the three kinds of errors" (p.469).
Whether you choose to outsource statistical programming to a toplist SAS expert or opt for constant-touch cooperation from drafting a proposal to delivering your final report, I will be a reliable partner on your quest for giving the right answers to the right questions.

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